Nfu Oh Gelist - Pearl Top Coat 04

$ 24.50

Brand: Nfu Oh

Product Description

Nfu Oh Gelist - Pearl Top Coat #04

Curing Time:

UV Light - 2 mins

LED Light - 1 min

This Pearl Top coat is for amazing effects on top of any Gelist Color. Example shown is original color and the effect after put on top of Black color.

Gelist is a true LED, UV cured gel polish

*Mirror-like High Gloss Shine and 14 days durability

*Easy application like traditional nail polish

*Soaks off in minutes for easy removal and color changes

*Superior durability - won't chip and peel

*Excellent adhesion, Low odor and cures quickly

Nfu Oh Gelist's extended wear benefits can be seen on both natural nail manicures and artificial enhancements.


***Computer / Screen resolution might cause the picture color shown on site having a minor difference from actual color***