Londontown - KUR: Nail Treatment System

$ 125.00

Brand: Londontown

Product Description


Londontown kur nail treatment system is truly a breakthrough in the quest to improve nail care and health.  

All products in the system work in unison to repair, strengthen and hydrate the nail and cuticle. 
The nail hardener and protective top coat work together to thicken the layers of keratin of the nail.  The nourishing cuticle oil hydrates the cuticle and nail root. The restorative nail cream replenishes the nail to fortify damaged, weak and peeling nails.  Use the restorative nail cream with our moisturizing gloves for maximum nourishment.  And finally the strengthening “acetone free” lacquer remover cleans the nail plate without drying or damaging the natural nail.  Closely following this system’s daily regiment will kur even the worst nails.