11 : Chrysanthemum (1oz)

$ 5.50

Brand: Nfu Oh

Product Description

Nfu Oh Lovely Perfume Hand & Body Lotion

Scent : Chrysanthemum

A high-quality perfume lotion for a beautiful woman?€?s hands and body line. The combination of four different plant polyphenols, which act as plant antioxidants, from pine trees, cacaos, grapes, and green teas, flower extracts of apricot flowers, lotus, lavender, and rosemary, combination of chrysanthemum fragrance will let you indulge in the fragrance of wild chrysanthemums on a field of autumn, while making your skin more beautiful by moisturizing and vitalizing it.
  • Compund of plant aroma and 12 different kinds of essences.
  • Combination of moisture and nutrition ingredients, including vegeatable emulsifier, olive oil, glycerin, tocopherol.
  • Combination of 3 Plant polyphenol (Pine Tree, Cacao, and Green tea)
  • Hypoallergenic and non-preservative, Dye - FREE