What Your Nail Polish Says About Your Personality

If you love painting your nails, the colors you use and the nail art designs you choose could actually tell you a lot about your personality. For your next at-home manicure, you’ll want to make sure that you have the gems for nail art and 3D nail art supplies you need to be able to fully express yourself. Find the nail polish brands and tools for the nail art you want when you shop the products at FabulouStreet! And to learn what the nail polish colors and designs say about your personality, keep reading! 

What Your Go-To Nail Polish Says About You


Red nail polish exudes confidence and a little bit of sass. If you love to wear red nail polish, you probably don’t mind walking into a room and being the center of attention.


If you love clear nail polish for just a little extra shine, or if you don’t normally wear nail polish, it’s likely that you work with your hands a lot. If someone has a DIY project, they’re going to be calling you for help.

Floral Designs

Floral nail art is often an indication of an old soul. You're probably the type of person who can rock a cardigan, and all of your friends think of you as the responsible and polite one of the group.


You’re fun, and you know it. You probably enjoy a good distraction, and you’re always looking for the next eye-catching outfit to add to your wardrobe. You’re the one your friends will call when they want to have a good time.


Nude nail polish is a great indicator of someone who enjoys classic styles and a more traditional outlook on life. You’re probably regarded as the type of person who always has their act together, and you’re probably pretty successful in your career.


Pink is the ultimate girly-girl color. If you love pink nail polish, you’re likely one of the more feminine women in your group of friends, and you never say no to a day of shopping and pampering.


If your nails are studded with jewels and rhinestones, they’re probably there to compliment the other bling you love to wear. You’re the go-to when someone needs help accessorizing their outfit, and you’re always there for your friends.


Neon nails are usually an extension of a larger-than-life personality. We’re guessing you’re the friend to call when an all-night dance party is in the works.


Everyone likes a bit of a mystery, and people probably have a little bit of a hard time figuring you out. The truth is, you probably just know what you like and you’re not afraid to show it!

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