Top Spring and Summer Nail Polish Colors

The spring and summer months is the perfect time to add a little color and vibrancy to your life by adding color to your nails. At FabulouStreet you can find everything you need in order to have the perfect nails. If you’re looking to buy nail polish for your next manicure, you’ve come to the right place. And if you’re wondering just what colors are going to be trending this spring and summer, keep reading to learn more!

The Top Nail Polish Colors Of Spring And Summer

Buttery Yellow

While you may think that traditional yellow screams spring, a soft, pastel yellow is going to be a lot more subtle. A nice, buttery yellow color is not something that you see on nails often, but when you do, it has a way of illuminating your skin and making a your nails stand out in the best way possible.


It can be quite the jump to go from the dark colors of winter to the sunshiney colors of spring, which is why it’s okay to make the transition slowly. Try finding a nice gray and blue combination to ease your way into lighter colors. It won’t seem too drastic, and you can slowly transition to a brighter blue with each manicure.


Red always finds a way of reminding you of the holidays, and pink just always seems to be too bright. A great compromise is to find the perfect magenta nail polish. This color can provide the happy medium you’ve always wanted, and it’s a great spring color.


We know what you’re thinking, tan doesn’t necessarily scream spring or summer—however, when you find the right shade of tan with a little shimmer added, it will have more personality than your run-of-the-mill brown colors. And we promise, it looks both elegant and modern.

Soft Pink

While bright colors and stark-white nails can make a statement, there’s something to be said for being a little more low-key. Soft pink offers a classic look, and a delicate touch of femininity. If you happen to be in a wedding this spring or summer, this is a classic option that is sure to go with any bridesmaid dress.


Metallics are in. Whether bronze, silver, or gold is the color for you, you can be sure your nails will will keep up with the latest trends when you use a variation of any of these colors. If you really want to take advantage of a popular style, try a faded, two-toned look for an extra element of fun.


Along the same lines as the soft pink, neutral colors are a great way to add a little something to your nails, but still keep an element of subtlety and elegance. Almond-shaped nails with a color that is similar to your skin tone will make everyone envious of your manicure.

When you’re looking to buy nail polish to update your collection for the spring and summer months, shop our wide selection of colors and brands here at FabulouStreet!