Tips To Make Your Manicure Last Longer Part Two

When your nails are beautifully manicured, you can feel your confidence boost and you know that your whole look will come together just right. However, it’s another story when your nails are chipped and your nail art is starting to fall off. There’s really nothing worse than putting the time and effort into a manicure that chips the next day. In our last post, we began a list of our top tips on how to get your manicure to last. Today, we’d like to finish that list for you so you can learn the secrets to how to get beautiful nails with a long-lasting manicure. Once you’ve got the tips you need on how to get your manicure to last, be sure to buy the nail polish you need from our large selection of specialty nail polish here at FabulouStreet.

Tips To Get Your Manicure To Last Continued

#7. Make sure that you use cool air to dry your nails.

When you go to dry your nails, hot air will actually prevent the polish from drying. So if you’re planning on using your blow dryer to help dry your nails faster, be sure that you set it to the cool setting. You can also try putting your fingernails into cold water for a minute or two; just be sure that the nail polish has set before you do this.

#8. Reapply clear coat frequently.

You know how important a base coat and a top coat are to your manicure, but don’t forget to reapply the clear, top coat every few days to keep your nails shinning and to prevent chipping. You’ll love our Dreams two in one base and top coat that you can buy now to keep your manicure intact for the long-haul.

#9. Keep your hands moisturized.

Ensuring that your hands are properly moisturized will help to extend the life of your manicure. Instead of using hand sanitizer, be sure to use mild soap to keep your hands from drying out. Also, always keep lotion nearby so you can easily lather your skin every few hours. Our Nfu Oh hand lotions are perfect to help your hands and body stay silky and smooth. The amazing smell from the lotion is just an added bonus.

#10. Remedy chips in two easy ways.

If you do happen to get an unsightly chip in your polish, simply file the tip of your fingernail and reapply a layer of the top coat. If the chip is too large to file down, you could always add a small french tip to the top of each nail. Your chip will be gone and you won’t have to redo your entire manicure.

#11. Use glitter to hide nails that are growing out.

If your manicure has lasted a week and you’re starting to see that your nails have grown out, leaving a gap between your cuticle and your nail polish, simply grab the best glitter nail polish that we have to offer, and cover the base of your nail with the glitter nail polish. Not only will this hide the missing color, but it will add a cool ombre look to your manicure.

#12. Always protect your nails.

If you’re going to be doing the dishes, cleaning, or working in the yard, be sure to wear gloves in order to protect your nails. Hot water and chemicals from cleaning supplies are two things that can easily ruin a manicure.

When you spend your time and energy on a manicure, we want to make sure that it lasts! We hope that you’ve found these tips for extending the life of your manicure helpful, Now that you know the secrets to long-lasting manicures, buy the nail polish you need to for your next manicure today! Shop our specialty nail polish now!