The latest nail art technology trends

Nail art is on the cusp of becoming a whole new kind of fashion accessory. We’ve found some tech that’s not quite ready for prime time yet, but when it is, we think it might just revolutionize the nail art industry.

Don’t get us wrong. We think there is always going to be a place for simpler, more demure nail art, but the definition of what is simple and demure will change. Where crystals, texture, and freehand art may be seen as leading-edge today, they’ll just be the norm in coming decades. And, believe it or not, nail art will be driven by the same technologies that are driving other innovations, including 3D printers and virtual reality.

Printing nail art

The market is about to be flooded with new technology for printing custom art right onto your nails. Right now, the technology is limited to very high end salons, but we’ve seen examples of smartphone apps that are going to allow small salons and home manicurists to get in on the game. One of the leaders in printed nail art is the British company, ArtPro Nail. And, while their technology, which starts at around $1,000, is still out of reach for most individuals, it is hitting salons everywhere. Their gallery of printed nail art designs will give you a good idea of what you can expect to start seeing a lot of over the next year or two.

We think the future of 3D printed nail art will be designs and shapes that are printed directly onto a polished nail. If you don’t want to wait, right now you can get some pretty amazing 3Dprinted nail art to add to your manicure. TheLaserGirls, for example, have developed a super-creative line of appliques with unexpected patterns, shapes, and textures.

Virtual reality nail art

There are a couple of companies playing around with virtual reality nail art that takes on different properties when interacting with social apps or virtual reality games. The effects include holograms, changing shapes and colors, and more. We’re not sure where this technology will end up, but we’re looking forward to finding out.

Light up nail art

As LED technology becomes smaller and smaller and smaller, it is starting to show up in a number of surprising places, including in nail art. We expect you’ll start seeing LED lights incorporated into designs on the runway by the end of the year, and that salons will begin adopting this technology by 2018.

Liquid nail art

If you haven’t heard of aquarium nails, we think you will soon. A designer has developed a method of layering acrylic nails around a filling of oil, water, and floating accessories. Think, snow globe, and you’ll have the right idea. For you professionals out there who want to give this a try, there is a tutorial video that you can use to begin learning the technique.

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