The Latest 3D nail art design trends

There was a lot that was new in the world of nail design last year, including chrome and other metallic tones, and nail piercings. Will those trends stand the test of time in 2017 and 2018? We’ve taken a look at 2017 so far, and have put together a few predictions for 2018 for you.

For the record, we love the 2016 nail art trends and hope they do stick around. But, every industry has to evolve, and the world of the nail professional is no different. As your repertoire grows, so does your client list, so you’ve got to be able to do a great job for the mom who wants long-lasting, natural color and simple, square-shaped, short nails, and for the bride who wants rhinestones, jewels, and cutting-edge nail art design.

Celebrities set the style for 2017

We’ve seen just about everything on the red carpet this year, from demure to dynamic. One of the trends that is definitely on target for the year is geometric patterns. Whether your clients go black and white and mix-and-match geometric styles, like Janelle-Monáe did at the Golden Globes, or they go for a simpler, geometric pattern, they’re going to be right on trend. Janelle also had one of our favorite celebrity nail looks of the year at the American Music Awards where she went for shimmering silver, with simple, textured accents. Her nails were one of her best accessories.

Demi Lovato rocked a geometric style and shimmering purple at the American Music Awards, hitting two of the hottest trends with one look. Paired with her fingerless gloves, no one could help but notice her fabulous nails.

At the Emmy Awards, Kerry Washington was trend setting with what we think will be one of the hottest trends in 2018, cuticle nail art. The gold-textured leaf adorning her cuticles was a dramatic contrast to the high-gloss black polish on her nails that were shaped to a perfectly scandalous point.

Classics are still in style

While square seems to be in right now, the classic, oval nail will never go out of style. Because they can be word long enough to allow you to get creative, but aren’t too long for an active lifestyle, we think 2018 is going to see a resurgence of this timeless trend. It may come with some unexpected twists though, including elaborate art, 3D embellishments, and other not-so-traditional elements.

One of those less traditional elements we’re expecting to see a lot more of, starting on the runways this fall, is texture. We’ll see textile art, including fabric appliques, laser-cut nail shapes, appliques, and free-form layered art.

Stay ahead of the trends

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