How To Have Healthy And Beautiful Nails Part Two

Having healthy and beautiful nails comes from following a nail-care routine that accounts for both the beauty and the health of your nails. Taking proper care or your nails will keep you from experiencing breaks, snags, discoloration, and even infections on your cuticles or nails. In our previous blog, we started our list of tips to follow for healthy nails. Today, we’d like to finish our list. When you’re done reading about the best tips for healthy nails, be sure to get the nail polish, nail art supplies and gems for nails from us here at FabulouStreet!

Tips For Healthy Nails Continued

Use The Proper Tools To Clean Your Nails

If you are vigorously cleaning your nails or if you use pointy tools to get under your nails to get the dirt out, you may actually be at-risk for infection. When you want to clean the gap between your nail and your finger, a soft nail brush is the preferred tool. When you gently scrub with a nail brush, you’ll effectively clean your nails and avoid fungal or bacterial infections. When you get a manicure professionally done, you can always ask for them to skip the part where they use their tools on your nails.

Wear Gloves When You Wash Your Dishes

When your nails frequently come into contact with soapy, hot water, even the strongest of nails can be weakened. Washing the dishes is one way you can easily make your nails dry, not to mention, it also dries your hands as well. If you really want to protect your nails and hands, the best thing you can do is wear gloves when you wash the dishes. This will keep your hands and nails protected from getting too dried-out, and it also helps you to avoid chips to your fingernail polish.

Give Your Nails A Break From Nail Polish

Wearing nail polish is perfectly healthy, and it won’t harm your nails. However, you shouldn’t leave nail polish on for more than three weeks, and when you take your nail polish off, wait a few days to a week before applying your next coat of paint. Leaving nail polish on for too long can lead to white spots or yellowing to appear on your nails. Giving your nails a chance to breathe is one way to ensure healthy and beautiful nails.

There Is Such A Thing As Too Many Manicures

If you get manicures often, especially is you get acrylic nails, you could be at-risk for more infections, and the exposure to UV light used to affix the nails has been under scrutiny as a potential risk for skin cancer. One way you can avoid infection and too much UV light exposure is to only get acrylic nails for special occasions. And when you decided it’s time for a manicure, an at-home manicure can save you money, and you’ll get to decide exactly how you’d like to care for and design your nails.

Don’t Ignore Signs Of Trouble

If you happen to notice redness or swelling around your nails, or if you have puffy, irritated skin near your nail bed, these could be signs of infection that should be examined by a doctor. Nail infections can easily be treated, sometimes with over-the-counter medicine and sometimes with a prescription from your doctor, depending on the type of infection. Don’t let an infection get out of control before you decide to take action.

Healthy and beautiful nails are easy to come by when you follow these tips and when you buy nail polish, gems for nails, and nail art supplies from FabulouStreet. Shop now!