Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish Instruction

Layla Hologram Effect


1.) File all nail surfaces with the PINK SIDE of the Base File * Link to Base File
2.) Then polish all nail surface with the WHITE SIDE of Base File to give your natural Nails a shigh shin buff. "The Shinier the better."
3.) SHAKE Hologram effect bottle well and Apply 2 coats of polish to nail before proceeding to the next one.
4.) Sit back and let dry (Usually 30 Seconds or so). As polish dries Holographic effect becomes more pronounced.
5.) Apply top coat only when polish is completely dry. For best results apply one coat of our Brilliant Due top coat.
6.) Acrylic and Reconstructed Nails do not need to use the base file. Simply apply directly on reconstructed. No base coat needed.